Traiser Rotenfels

With its glowing red hues, the impressive Rotenfels cliff of rhyolite, a variation of porphyry, was the inspiration for the name of this VDP.ERSTE LAGE® site.

Covering about 7 ha, the Traiser Rotenfels is our largest and most important single vineyard site. The grapes grow on red volcanic rock (also porphyry or rhyolite) on exclusively south-facing slopes on the shoulder of the unique Rotenfels massif. The area under vine consists of numerous individual parcels at the foot of this cliff, which extend as far as the village of Traisen.


The wines are characterized by a complex interplay of minerality and fruitiness. In favourable years Eisweine are harvested on the lower sections of the south-facing slopes.


The prime section of the Traiser Rotenfels is the strip known as Mühlberg im Rotenfels, which has been classified as a VDP.GROSSE LAGE® and which produces wonderful GGs. The grapes grow on the reddish volcanic rock of a steep south-facing slope on the shoulder of the Rotenfels massif. The parcel is planted with 15-year-old vines. The easily warmed soil and good water supply ensure an optimum vegetation period.