Traisen village vineyards

The village sites in the area surrounding Traisen (Kickelskopf and Nonnengarten) are our reservoir for outstanding base wines and Sekts. The Riesling and Pinot vines all grow on gentle south-facing slopes in deep gravel and sandy loam soils with a very good water balance.

The Traisen village vineyard sites are where we also grow our renowned dry village wine, Traisen Riesling trocken. We’ve been selling it for over 40 years now and it’s the flagship of our wine estate and the point of departure for an exciting Riesling collection. It is also the best-selling wine of the entire Crusius estate.


Another highlight of the Traisen village sites is the HC vineyard, located in the immediate vicinity of the wine estate. Here we grow a mix of Riesling, Pinot blanc (Weissburgunder), Auxerrois and Müller-Thurgau. This vineyard owes its existence to our passion for cuvées and is the birthplace of the popular cuvée “Von den 13 Morgen”.