Schlossböckelheimer Felsenberg

Eight km upstream from the Rotenfels valley lies the second spectacular stretch of the Nahe Valley with the prime vineyards around Schlossböckelheim. The name of the single vineyard site Felsenberg (“rocky mount”) speaks for itself: a very steep south-facing slope (60%) of black-grey volcanic melaphyre.

The vineyards of the Schlossböckelheimer Felsenberg lie in the valley of the River Nahe, which flows from east to west at approx, 125 m above sea level at this point. The vines grow on a very steep south-facing slope with a gradient of up to 60 %, which rises up to the cliffs from the river. The vineyard is planted on the scree deposits of the cliffs above, which also explains its name. This volcanic rock is known as rhyolite. The soil consists of stony, gritty clays and warms easily thanks to its grey-brown colour. It has excellent water retention and drainage. The steeply sloping terrain and ideal south-facing aspect are two more reasons why growth starts early, leading to a long ripening period.

The 2.5 ha produce elegant, fine-aromatic Rieslings which are reliably among the finest wines of each vintage. Even the British Royal Family enjoyed our “1966 Schlossböckelheimer Felsenberg Riesling” .