Niederhäuser Felsensteyer

High above Niederhausen where the river Nahe is dammed, lies the VDP.ERSTE LAGE® Niederhäuser Felsensteyer – a precipitous rocky slope with a 60% incline, facing south/south-west. The soil, which is deep in places, consists of hill loam mixed with gritty components of Tholey slate – a compound of slate with sandstone deposits.

The vines at the upper end of this deep, narrow river valley are continuously exposed to fall winds and valley breezes. On this easily warmed hill loam soil with its high proportion of slate we can rely on harvesting extra ripe, healthy grape material – the source of first-class wines in the noble-sweet category, as well as a wonderful dry single-vineyard Riesling, the third in our triumvirate of single-vineyard wines (unfortunately we are unable to offer a 2016 dry Niederhäuser Felsensteyer Riesling single-vineyard wine).