Check out the events we participate in or organize!



We are pretty busy promoting our wines and would love to welcome you at one point!



- August 13/ 14: Wine event at our partners' in Hannover (more information here)!

- August 26: Pinot on Slate @winery Jean Stodden (more information here)!

- September 1: VDP@Kruger-Rumpf - 14 estates from Nahe and Ahr present their wines (more information here)!

- September 2: VDP.Vinissage in Berlin (more information here)!

- September 3: VDP.Grosse Lage® Prelude at Telegrafensaal in Berlin (more information here)!

- September 8:  XV. Klassische Sommernacht/ concert with Gare Du Nord at our estate (more information, please see the German news section or contact us)!

- September 23: VDP.Versteigerung Nahe/ Ahr ( at Römerhalle in Bad Kreuznach (more information here)!

- October 21: Bonner Weinmarkt 2018/ Präsentation Deutscher Spitzenweine (more information here)!

- November 9: Wine event at our partners' in Cologne(more information here)!

- Dezember 8/9: "Edle Weine - Edle Steine 2018"/ Wines & Gems at restaurant Meisenheimer Hof  in Meisenheim (more information here)!