The passion with which we go about our daily work and our constant pursuit of quality are paying off.

Gault Millau: 4 out of 5 GRAPES!

“With his 2015 wines, Peter Crusius may possibly have harvested the vintage of his life. Besides a whole phalanx of first-class dry Rieslings, this Traisen winemaker has dished up a noble-sweet collection that is second to none on the Nahe. These are sublime Auslesen with airy gracefulness and fascinating Beeren- and Trockenbeerenauslesen rated between 96 and 98 points…”


(Top 60 Wine Estates in Germany)



“… The standard of the dry Rieslings is high again this year.  All of them are full-bodied and aromatic, …”

The collection of naturally sweet and noble sweet wines is strong, too: the Rotenfels Spätlese is juicy, elegant. Among the Auslesen the Rotenfels is slender with a citrus tang, the Felsenberg is concentrated, creamy and animating. Of the Beerenauslesen, all of which are delightfully clean, the Bastei is more concentrated than the slender Felsenberg, the gold capsule version is creamy, complex, harmonious, very lengthy, the Trockenbeerenauslese is also very long, oily and complex with a fine acidic bite.




“Congratulations to Peter Crusius: with his universally excellent 2013 collection, the winegrower from Traisen has truly earned his continued progression up the rating ladder. And this is due not only to the very good Rieslings from prime sites on the Nahe, but also to an exceedingly accomplished Pinot blanc, the Traiser Weissburgunder “Kaffel”…”



2021 Bastei Riesling Beerenauslese - 99 Punkte

"A dangerously energetic and vibrant beauty with gigantic mineral freshness. Totally white fruit and flowers in the high-definition nose. Samurai-sword raciness at the almost supernaturally refreshing finish, which has brain-rattling intensity and crystalline purity. Drinkable now, but best from 2023."

2021 Felsenberg Riesling Auslese - 98 Punkte

"Enveloping tropical-fruit and floral aromas with a delicate touch of chanterelle mushrooms, plus enormous concentration and fabulous brilliance. Spot-on balance as it ripples over your palate, in wave after wave of vibrant succulence. Such a pure and pristine finish. Drinkable now, but best from 2023."

2021 Felsenberg Riesling GG - 96 Punkte

"The wonderful nose of fresh pineapple and mango pulls you inexorably into this succulent and elegant world of tropical beauty. Thankfully, the bright and focused acidity guarantees no less remarkable brilliance. Super-long finish with uplifting freshness. Drink or hold."